U Ne Aung Bio White colour 1Ne Aung

Founder & Chairman, IGE

U Ne Aung is the Founder and Chairman of the IGE Group of Companies and as such is directly responsible for an umbrella of business operations across multiple industries, notably, trade, real estate, construction, energy, financial services, hospitality, and telecommunications. He is also Co-Founder of IGE Group’s soon-to-be launched foundation. From an early age, U Ne Aung was interested in business, especially entrepreneurship. While still at university, U Ne Aung ventured into currency trading. He then spent a year in London in the early 1990s where he gained international exposure. Upon his return to Myanmar, U Ne Aung formed Aung Yee Phyoe Co., Ltd. (AYP), embarking on a business of importing cement into Myanmar. The credit facilities provided by PT. Tirtamas, his cement supplier in Indonesia, enabled him to grow the business successfully.

In 1999, U Ne Aung established International Group of Entrepreneurs Co., Ltd. (IGE), and through its subsidiary, MRT Co. Ltd., began trading forestry and agriculture products. As business opportunities within the government related to the energy sector began to grow, IGE diversified its business further by entering into partnerships with renowned international companies such as ALSTOM of France in the power sector and PETRONAS of Malaysia in the oil and gas sector.

In 2001, IGE Pte, Ltd. was established in Singapore primarily to provide access to international banking facilities as well as to coordinate procurement and logistics arrangements to grow IGE Group businesses. In response to the many business opportunities that arose across a number of sectors in Myanmar after 2008, U Ne Aung established subsidiary companies for IGE, each respectively participating in the construction, hospitality, fuel trading & retail, and telecommunications sectors. In 2010, U Ne Aung founded United Amara Bank, which is licensed to provide commercial banking services in Myanmar. Then, in 2015, U Ne Aung continued his foray into the financial services sector by establishing Amara Investment Securities Co., Ltd., which focuses on investment banking, financial advisory, and brokerage services. Today, U Ne Aung’s businesses within IGE Group have formed joint ventures with international companies, such as Daewoo International of Korea and Razel-Bec of France, demonstrating the global character of IGE Group. U Ne Aung holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Yangon.