Response to recent Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar report titled “The economic interests of the Myanmar Military” dated 05 August 2019


Yangon, 3rd, December 2019 – IGE Group of Companies (“IGE Group”) strongly condemns the frivolous insinuations made by International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar against the IGE Group, suggesting its direct or indirect involvement in the serious human rights violations and abuses. The unsubstantiated claims and accusations are designed to mislead the international community and general public.

The allegations are false and seriously misinterpret the actual content and/or reason of the donations. IGE Group’s objective in providing aid has always been in pursuit of humanitarian purposes and to improve the livelihood of all communities. This recent attempt to bring the image of the IGE Group to disrepute is the result of IGE Group donating money for the development of the state and the country at large. Further, the report purposely ignores the humanitarian donations amounting to MMK  1 billion (equivalent to approximately USD 710,000), made by the IGE Group to the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD), in order to deliberately malign the image of the IGE Group. We, therefore urge all parties to view the humanitarian support in its entirety.

IGE Group has not achieved its results or benefitted from any advantages through its ownership structure. IGE Group supports the correct interpretation of the facts and does not wish to participate in disputes.

The basis of the company’s success has at all times since its founding been its highly qualified professionals and its commitment to make life easier, help community and aim to do no harm.

We are responsible corporate citizens and carry out operations in accordance with laws of the land as well as local and international standards. We remain committed to development of all stakeholders of the society and will not be distracted by the antics.

About IGE Group

 IGE Group is a Myanmar based multi- business group. It is an active participant in various high-growth sectors of the economy such as telecommunications, power, energy, real estate, construction, energy and hospitality.

IGE Group is listed among the Top 20 companies assessed by the 2019 Pwint Thit Sa/Transparency in Myanmar Enterprises (TiME) Report for Corporate Governance and Sustainability Management.

Being a responsible business group, IGE Group has been actively involved in construction of road, transmission/grid lines, and hydropower projects to name few, which we believe has not only contributed towards the economic development of Myanmar but also, transformed the way of life.

Some of the socially contributed projects carried by the IGE Group include:

  • Construction of 182.04 km of Bituminous Roads and 23.72 km of concrete road across the country, thus increasing land connectivity.
  • Constructing two hydropower projects which would have a capacity of 400 MW of electricity and would generate 1,800 GWh of electricity once completed. In addition, a subsidiary of IGE Group is developing 6,000 MW of hydropower projects jointly with reputable international partners.
  • As a part of the vision to light up the country, IGE Group is involved in supply and construction of low, medium, high voltage transmission projects from 11kV up to 500kV, including a power distribution line project in Mandalay, which would lighten up over 300 villages.
  • IGE Group is one of the largest internet service operators in Myanmar with a subscriber base of more than 120,000. This has enabled thousands of homes to have global connectivity including access to troves of information and reducing the digital divide.

IGE Group has significantly contributed to society via carefully developed CSR programs. It is involved in providing financial assistance to micro-finance programs in various townships, providing seed capital funding to start up by young entrepreneurs. It is one of the few companies in Myanmar to respond to natural disasters and contribute heavily in community assistance projects in Mandalay Division, Tanintharyi Division, Yangon Division, Sagaing Division, Magway Division, Shan State, Kayin State, and Rakhine State. Further, IGE Group also provides financial assistance to support the educational and day to day needs of hundreds of orphaned children from conflict areas in Myanmar and poor families including construction of five-story building for the accommodation of more than 200 children for furtherance of afore-stated.

IGE Group is fully committed to its responsibilities to respect human rights. It is an integral part of our Values and Beliefs that are at the core of all we aspire to do and are designed to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with high ethical standards. We are guided by what is right, not just by what is allowed.

IGE Group is committed in job creation for the betterment of our communities. It is committed to providing equal employment and advancement opportunities for all individuals without distinction or discrimination based upon an individual’s marital status, sex, age, religion, belief, race, nationality, ethnicity or disability. Employee details are listed below:

 Employee Details
 Gender Numbers in 2019 Percentage (%)
 Male 923 59.59%
 Female 600 38.73 %
 Above 60 ( Male ) 25 1.61 %
 Above 60 ( Female ) 1 0.06 %
 Total 1549 100%








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