Shared Value History

Shared Value History

IGE Group is dedicated to benefitting the country at large while embracing corporate social responsibility, or CSR, as an integral part of its operations. Throughout our history, IGE Group has regularly contributed to the communities where we have projects, seeking to create shared value with long-term benefits. IGE Group’s efforts to create shared value have focused on a range of areas, such as regional development and poverty alleviation, social welfare, healthcare, disaster relief, and education. Some examples of our specific projects include:


Micro-finance Programs: IGE Group has provided financial assistance to support the creation of micro-finance programs in Hla Gu Township, Yangon Division and Myaing Township, Magway Division. These programs allow community members to start small businesses and all the proceeds are then re-invested in the program, allowing more community members to participate and ultimately improving the regional economy.

Community Assistance Projects: IGE Group has helped communities in which it works by identifying specific needs and then helping to meet them. Examples include, digging wells, donating food and water to communities in need, supporting cultural events, and donating funds to local monasteries in areas such as Mandalay Division, Tanintharyi Division, Yangon Division, Bago Division, Sagaing Division, Magway Division, Shan State, Kayin State, Rakhine State, Chin State, Kachin State, and Kayar State.

Disaster Relief: Myanmar is frequently affected by natural disasters, including flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes, among others. IGE Group consistently aims to help those in need by responding to disasters in Myanmar with targeted relief. When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in 2008, we responded by supplying clothes and other necessary items to those in affected areas, such as the coastal part of Rakhine State and the delta areas of Irrawaddy Division. We also provided tractors to help with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of villages in these areas and donated houses to the communities. In response to the devastating 2015 flooding in the regions of Magway, Sagaing, and Kalay, IGE Group helped construct 88 new buildings and provided assistance to those affected. In 2016, we donated MMK 400 million to restore livelihoods and build shelters for victims of floods in the Delta Region and Central Myanmar.

Primary School Construction:
IGE Group has donated funds, construction materials, and expertise to build primary schools in areas where it works, such as a school in Paw Pa Saw Mya Village on the Myaing Gyi Ngu-Melthawall Road. Going forward, we aim to focus our efforts on building vocational training centers, helping to improve the prospects of future generations.

Support for Monastic Education Centre: One of IGE Group’s most significant projects has been with Yangon’s Monastic Education Centre, which assists hundreds of orphaned children from conflict areas in Myanmar as well as those from poor families by providing food and clothing, professional medical care, and education. We have provided financial support to the Monastic Education Centre for many years, including the construction of a five-story building that provides accommodation for more than 200 children, outfitting it with beds, storage, and other facilities based on international standards for children’s homes. Additionally, IGE Group staff members under the guidance of IGE Co-Founder and Honorable Director Khin Moe Nyunt have sought to improve the wellbeing of the children, volunteering their time and good will to help provide them with additional care.

Since its inception, IGE Group has regularly contributed to the communities where we have projects, creating shared value through initiatives such as the ones listed above. Now, in an effort to formalize our efforts and provide greater assistance to society, IGE Group plans to establish a foundation to provide assistance and a better education for children in need in partnership with reputable international non-profit organizations.