IGE Provide Training to its Senior Management Team

IGE Group successfully conducted as part of its capability building initiative a financial training course for its senior management team. The “Finance for Senior Executives” program took place in October 2016 at the Sedona Hotel in Yangon and was not only attended by Board of Directors of IGE Group, led by U Ne Aung but also by the leadership team of the various operating subsidiaries and corporate head office staff.

The training conducted by Christopher Schweiger, Group Chief Financial Officer covered a broad range of subject areas ranging from the foundations of corporate governance and risk management, to business development, budgeting, planning and reporting as well as specialist topics such as strategic and activity based costing, business value drivers, and financial performance indicators. Other subject matter areas covered during the event included IFRS reporting standards, financial and project management and capital costing. The overall aim of the two day seminar was to provide the senior management team with an introduction to modern financial management and assist them with their business development initiatives in an increasingly competitive business environment.