IGE History

From its humble beginnings as a trading business, IGE Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest conglomerates in Myanmar. Over the years, the Company has evolved into its current structure and strategy of focusing on key businesses in high-growth sectors of Myanmar’s economy.

IGE Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1999, but its heritage dates back to the founding of Aung Yee Phyoe Co., Ltd. (AYP), established in 1994.

AYP was a family business majority owned by U Ne Aung, who is currently the Executive Chairman of IGE Co. Ltd. The company had the benefit of credit facilities from its supplier, enabling it to operate with a modest initial start-up capital for its first business in deformed bar and cement trading and distribution.

With a vision to grow the business beyond trading and meet Myanmar’s development needs, U Ne Aung independently established International Group of Entrepreneurs (IGE) Co., Ltd. which absorbed all AYP businesses in 1999.

To meet past regulations that limited companies to be involved in up to three business sectors, U Ne Aung established new companies such as Myanmar Rice Trading to expand its business to include trading in forestry and agriculture products for the private sector, as well as fulfilling supply and installation contracts for the public sector.

Over the years, IGE continued to diversify based on the needs of the country and economy as it develops and grow. Today, IGE actively invests and participates in key high-growth sectors such as trading, power, energy, construction & real estate, telecommunication and hospitality.