About IGE

About IGE

IGE Group of Companies (IGE Group) is a large Myanmar conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of businesses, including trade, real estate, construction, energy, financial services, hospitality, and telecommunications. A driving force in the business community fostering the growth of the Myanmar economy, IGE Group is both diverse and distinctive. Over the years, IGE Group has consistently reinvented and adapted to keep in line with the evolution of Myanmar, moving into new areas as business opportunities arise and greater development is needed. At the same time, IGE Group has earned a reputation for understanding what is needed to achieve a successful business venture in Myanmar.

Aung Yee Phyoe Co., Ltd. (AYP), a cement import and distribution business, was the predecessor to IGE Group. Established in 1994, AYP was a family-owned business majority owned by U Ne Aung that had the benefit of credit facilities from its supplier, enabling it to operate with modest initial start-up capital. Building on early successes, its businesses expanded to include trading in forestry and agriculture products for the private sector as well as fulfilling supply and installation contracts for the public sector. In 1999, U Ne Aung independently established International Group of Entrepreneurs Co., Ltd. (IGE), which absorbed all AYP businesses.

Over the years, IGE Group has continued to diversify based on the needs of the country. IGE Group has actively participated in the power and energy sector, including upstream, midstream, and downstream projects. IGE Group also entered the construction sector in line with the increasing development of Myanmar’s infrastructure. Gradually, IGE Group also expanded to include businesses in the telecommunications, financial services, banking, and hospitality sectors, taking on roles as a contractor, investor, operator, and distributor depending on each field. Most recently, IGE Group has expanded to offer security trading and investment advisory services.

Going forward, IGE Group intends to continue growing by providing more services to the private sector based on its competency and expertise in areas such as construction, material and equipment supply, engineering and logistics services, and value chain businesses in the commodity sector. IGE Group’s proven track record of implementing projects effectively and being able to deliver results to its clients has solidified its reputation both locally and throughout the region. In particular, IGE Group prides itself on three strengths – strategic planning, risk management, and project implementation – which are the result of many years of building businesses across a number of important and high-growth sectors of the Myanmar economy. Consequently, IGE Group is now able to manage and execute complex projects requiring a high level of technical, commercial, and financial expertise in the industries where it operates.

IGE Group currently employs in excess of 4,000 staff members. Among these, IGE Group employs senior staff with strong professional expertise, allowing IGE Group to achieve effective and high-quality management. This high level of expertise combined with consistent training and career development initiatives have created a dedicated team of employees, many of whom have spent their entire careers with IGE Group. Devoted to corporate responsibility, IGE Group aims to lead Myanmar businesses in adopting sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices. In line with international standards, IGE Group has been consolidating its corporate governance to establish more transparent and accountable business activities across its business units. IGE Group is also in the process of adopting the globally reputable IFRS accounting system. Additionally, IGE Group has been carrying out an organizational development program to raise the standard and wellbeing of our staff at every level. This includes showing employees that IGE Group cares about their professional growth and advancement by providing structured professional training programs, coaching and mentoring schemes, and “soft skills” development workshops.

IGE Group also regularly contributes to the communities where it has projects with the aim of creating shared value and benefitting the country at large. As part of this effort, IGE Group will soon launch a foundation to support educational initiatives and vocational training in its areas of expertise, helping to improve the prospects of future generations. A passion for Myanmar and its people sets IGE Group apart from the competition and reinforces the Group’s mission to be a professional and principled corporation creating responsible and sustainable growth with integrity.