Chairman Message

Chairman’s Message

The IGE Group was founded in Yangon by a handful of entrepreneurs who had the ambition of entering into the business of trading. Although initially catering to the needs of the private sector, IGE later shifted its market focus to cater to the government sector in the business areas of energy, power, and construction. The rest is history, and today, IGE has diversified its businesses and is operating across a number of different industries, serving not only as a contractor but also as an investor with considerable bottom-line achievements.

In response to the changes in Myanmar and in order to prepare ourselves for future business opportunities, we are aligning our business strategy and activities and reviewing our business operations together with international professionals who have joined us as well as expert consultants. With a new structure in place, we aim to focus on the key sectors of the Myanmar economy that are in line with the country’s growth trajectory and long-term master plan.

I find that running a business is similar to running a marathon; it’s not a short-term endeavor but requires commitment and dedication. In business, you need a strategy for the long term, training and stamina for strength, and a finish line to run towards. Without sound planning, reaching your business goals will be impossible. When setting up our businesses, we believe in taking the course step by step to ensure we succeed. This is also why IGE’s businesses sometimes take time to really hit their stride.

In this effort, we believe that our people are our most important assets and the key element of our success. Without them, I don’t think we would ever be where we are today, and we would never be able to get as far as we aim to go. We are seriously committed to developing our people, and at every level and in all sectors of our companies we invest in professional trainings and capacity building opportunities for them.

We don’t just consider our own people, however. We are also dedicated to contributing to society by sharing our business expertise and knowledge with the wider community to create a positive impact on the economy. To achieve this, we look forward to launching a well-planned program to create shared value with society as part of a soon-to-be established IGE Foundation.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about IGE.